Songs for the Cold of Heart, finalist 2018 Giller Prize | Finalist 2018 Governor General’s Literary Award for TranslationBest Canadian Fiction of 2018 – Top 25 Books, CBC Books | A Globe and Mail Top 100 Favourite Book of 2018 | Toronto Star holiday gift recommendation

Tatouine, Canada Reads 2021 longlist, One eRead/Un Livrel Canada 2023

Brothers, finalist 2017 Governor General’s Literary Award for Translation, #21 National Post Top 99 Books of the Year 2016

Explosions, finalist 2018 Governor General’s Literary Award for Translation, finalist 2019 Cole Foundation Prize for Translation

The Little Fox of Mayerville, The Art of the Fall, The Woman in Valencia World Literature Today Notable Translations

In Every Wave, finalist 2019 John Glassco Translation Prize



2 of our first 3 books featured in The Guardian‘s Translation Tuesdays by Asymptote series

“QC Fiction are translating some wonderful Lit from the French-speaking part of Canada … Brothers by David Clerson was one of my favourite books from last year.” (Winstonsdad’s Blog)

“an imprint of Baraka Books with a fresh perspective […] a great example of Canadian fiction’s global appeal.” (Library and Archives Canada on QC Fiction)

“This novel from Dupont … the first from a new fiction imprint dedicated to publishing ‘the very best of a new generation of Quebec storytellers in flawless English translation,’ lives up to that ambition.” (Publishers Weekly on Life in the Court of Matane)

“Until now, the majority of us have been pretty much in the dark about the literary productions of our Francophone neighbors to the north. The new publishing venture QC Fiction, founded last year, seems poised to change this state of affairs. Their approach is both modest and bold: they put out three books of Québécois fiction in translation each year, and they are committed to publishing young writers and translators who challenge our expectations. ‘To be honest,’ says Peter McCambridge, the editor of the series, ‘we’re hoping to help shake things up a little.’

If the two books under review are any indication, QC Fiction is already well on its way to changing how readers think about the Canadian literary landscape. David Clerson’s Brothers, first published in 2014, and Pierre-Luc Landry’s Listening for Jupiter, first published in 2016, are remarkable in many ways, but they are particularly remarkable in that they do not make claims to representing Québec or Québécois quiddity to the rest of the world. This isn’t to say they’re generic fictions. Far from it. But, unlike their coeval countryman Raymond Bock in Atavisms (a 2012 story collection that plumbs and plays with Québécois history, politics, and identity), Clerson and Landry appear determined not to be pinned down by place.” (Alex Andriesse, Reading in Translation)

“I have found that many of my favourite books have come from the Quebec based publisher QC Fiction.” (Winstonsdad’s Blog)

“Looking back over this diverse catalogue, it would be easy to compare them to snowflakes (no two are alike) or the proverbial sampler box of chocolates. However, I have come to think of QC Fiction as a major league baseball pitcher who has a number of different pitches in his repertoire.” (The Miramichi Reader)

“QC Fiction continue to produce an impressively varied and consistently interesting sequence of prose fiction titles.” (Simon Lavery, Tredynas Days)