So here’s the story so far. QC Fiction turns 1 right about now (our first book Life in the Court of Matane has been on sale for exactly one year as of July 1). We came out of the gates determined to shake things up. Come with us, we said. Come meet the leech-boys and the pig-children. Come learn about the Pavel Ponomarev, the Silva compass, and stray Muscovite dogs. Come unmask the unknown huntsman. Come watch the stars fall from the sky.

Help us publish first-time authors by young, up-and-coming writers and translators, we said. And you did. The critical response has been heartening. And overwhelming. A National Post Book of the Year. Twice featured in The Guardian’s Translation Tuesdays by Asymptote series. New friends made and reviews posted by bloggers around the world.

“QC Fiction is already well on its way to changing how readers think about the Canadian literary landscape.”       


3:AM Magazine wrote of Brothers:

“The prose can be as ominous and as vivid as Cormac McCarthy’s Child of God. It is testament to Katia Grubisic’s translation that such an analogy is not hyperbolic. […] This is an extraordinary first novel by an enormously talented writer, and a first translation by an enormously talented poet-translator.”

And thoughtful, demanding reviewers have called our books…




Wildly imaginative



“The best book I read all year”

“Knocking my socks off”

“A genuine example of literary innovation”

“One for the BTBA judges to take note of”




“Likely to earn a cult following”

“Strong and well-executed”

“Books I just want to shout about”

So if you’ve reviewed or bought or read or thought about picking up one of our books – thank you. Thank you for being part of our adventure. Long may it continue.

Peter McCambridge, Fiction Editor


About QC Fiction

QC Fiction is a new imprint from Baraka Books of Montreal. It brings readers around the world the very best of a new generation of Quebec storytellers, sharing surprising, interesting novels in flawless English translation from a new generation of translators.

All questions about QC Fiction can be directed to fiction editor Peter McCambridge:

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