QC Fiction is delighted to announce it will be publishing Eric Dupont’s La Fiancée américaine in Peter McCambridge’s translation in 2018.

La Fiancée américaine was published in 2012 by Les Éditions Marchand de feuilles and quickly won the Prix des libraires and the Prix des collégiens—Quebec’s top two literary awards—in rapid succession. It has sold over 60,000 copies in Quebec alone and been published in France by J’ai lu.

An epic family saga that spans all of the 20th century, from parochial Rivière-du-Loup in Quebec to Dachau, post-GDR Berlin, New York City, Rome, and Japan, the book has been favorably compared to Thomas Mann’s Buddenbrooks, and Dupont himself to John Irving and Gabriel García Márquez:

“If the Americans have John Irving and the Colombians Gabriel García Márquez, we have Eric Dupont. And he’s every bit as good as them.” (Voir)

An impressive debut for QC Fiction in 2016

QC Fiction’s very first novel is also by Eric Dupont: Life in the Court of Matane (Bestiaire). It was published in July 2016, also in Peter McCambridge’s translation. The Unknown Huntsman (Le chasseur inconnu) by Jean-Michel Fortier, translated by Katherine Hastings, and Brothers (Frères) by David Clerson, translated by Katia Grubisic, are out this November.

Reviews for Life in the Court of Matane have been positive without exception:

“This novel from Dupont,” wrote Publishers Weekly, “the first from a new fiction imprint dedicated to publishing ‘the very best of a new generation of Quebec storytellers in flawless English translation,’ lives up to that ambition.”

Numéro Cinq magazine called Life in the Court of Matane “wildly imaginative… remarkably sensitive and intelligent… irresistible,” while Tony’s Reading List in Australia spoke of “an impressive start for QC Fiction.” The Guardian in England even published an excerpt on its website.

3 more novels for 2017

Listening for Jupiter is Pierre-Luc Landry’s second novel and the first to be translated. The original French version, Les corps extraterrestres, recently won an Ottawa Book Award.

I Never Talk About It is a translation of Chaque automne, j’ai envie de mourir, a collection of 37 short stories translated by 37+ translators from all backgrounds and from all over the world.

Behind the Eyes We Meet (L’angoisse du poisson rouge) by Mélissa Verreault will appear in December 2017. It tackles international themes (Italy’s involvement in World War II on the Russian front) of interest to a worldwide audience.

About QC Fiction

QC Fiction is a new imprint from Baraka Books of Montreal. It brings readers around the world the very best of a new generation of Quebec storytellers, sharing surprising, interesting novels in flawless English translation from a new generation of translators.

All questions about QC Fiction can be directed to fiction editor Peter McCambridge: qc@qcfiction.com.

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