In Every Wave (2018)

A man loses his daughter while swimming one summer. This little gem of a novella–sad and beautiful and spellbinding all at once–is the tale of how he strives to be reunited with her again, whether back home on dry land or thousands of miles underwater. Racked with guilt and doubt, he lingers over her memory, refusing to let her go. He imagines and reimagines the moment she slipped away from him as he searches for her behind every rock, in every bush, in every wave.

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Short, powerful
Sad but beautiful

Written by Charles Quimper
Translated by Guil Lefebvre
80 pages • 978-1-77186-155-7 • 8″ x 5″
FICTION / Literary
FICTION / Magical Realism
Publication Date: November 1, 2018


Piercing and compact, Charles Quimper’s novella In Every Wave follows a grief-consumed father through a vortex of regret and fragmented fantasies. Here, sorrow is an ocean, and lost possibilities lurk behind every swell […] Every phrase is a foghorn, and every utterance rasps. Almost too tender to touch…” (★★★★★, Foreword Reviews)

one of the most touching books I have ever read […] a real gem” (Stuart John Allen, Winstonsdad’s Blog)

“a short, heart-rending piece that lingers in the mind long after the last page is turned. […] well worth reading” (Tony Malone, Tony’s Reading List)

“a multi-layered tale of unbearable sadness […] impressive. ★★★★★” (James Fisher, Miramichi Reader)

“The book is beautifully written, in a translation by Guil Lefebvre that is exemplary.” (Lisa Hill, ANZ LitLovers LitBlog)

“Quimper takes us to places most of us hope never to go in real life, creating a work of art out of imagined catastrophe. […] QC Fiction continue to produce an impressively varied and consistently interesting sequence of prose fiction titles.” (Simon Lavery, Tredynas Days)

“Quimper’s sparse plotting and reliance on representing the emotional landscape of grief creates a dream-like effect in which time seems to stand still.” (Danielle Barkley, Montreal Review of Books)

“A new literary voice of remarkable density.” Le Devoir

“A first novel, filled with tenderness, infinite sadness, and absolute beauty.” Les Libraires

“There is a certain poetry and beauty in Marée montante, despite the infinite sadness that inhabits it […] The story succeeds in examining the worst of all agonies, with humility and empathy, while facing them head on. It takes skill to tackle such a subject without becoming melodramatic, and Quimper rises to the challenge.” La Presse


Born in Quebec City in 1977, Charles Quimper is a former bookseller and has contributed to a number of magazines. Les Libraires magazine recognized the “tenderness, infinite sadness, and absolute beauty” of his debut novel, while Le Devoir hailed “a new literary voice of remarkable density.”


Guil Lefebvre is a full-time translator based in Quebec City. In Every Wave is his first novel-length translation.



✓ A new literary voice brought into English by a first-time translator